Eisai Pro is an advanced version of the Eisai WordPress theme. It has much more customizaion options and in the near future it will has a WooCommerce support.


Eisai Pro is not a free theme, so you cannot find it in the official WordPress themes directory, so installations process is a little bit different, but still very simple.

First you need to get your own copy of this theme. You can purchase and download the Eisai Pro WordPress theme here.

When you have it, go to the WordPress dashboard and there:

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Themes, click Add New and then click Upload Theme.
  2. Next click on the Choose file button and select .zip archive with the theme on your computer and install it.
  3. After installation process is complete press Activate.

Theme is installed, next step is to customize it.


You can change site background color, text color and also links colors, choose preferred font and font size, toggle the visibility of some theme elements, change or completely remove text in the right and left sections of the website footer.

To open Customizer navigate to Appearance -> Customize. Let’s start with the Colors panel.


After opening Colors section you’ll find three options: Background Color, Links Color and Text Color. Select any colors you want, just make sure that contrast is hight enough and links and text are clearly visible and readable.

You are limited only by your imagination here. 🙂

After tweaking colors let’s switch to the Theme Options section.

Theme Options

Here you can change font family and base font size, number of columns in the blog, you can choose different blog pagination styles, replace text in the footer of the website and much more.

Font Family and Font Size

All the font families in this section are loaded from https://fonts.google.com/. It be helpful to know that you can preview many fonts at once there and then select desired in the Customizer.

Also you can change base font size. All the headings and paragraphs will adjust accordingly.

Eisai Pro theme Font Family and Font Size options.

Blog Page

Blog Page section allows you to:

  • Change number of columns on the blog page.
  • Change blog pagination style.
  • Show or hide categories in the header section of your blog. It depends on your needs. If you have many categories then probably this option is not for you, but if you have few of them, it might be very convenient for your readers to navigate.
  • Next you have option to show or hide blog post meta on a blog page.
  • And the same with post excerpt.
Eisai Pro Blog Page options.

The rest Blog Page options are the same as in the Eisai theme.

Single Post

This set of options gives you ability to show or hide categories in the post header section as well as post meta. As well you can hide blog post meta in the post footer section, you can toggle author bio on and off if you will and post navigation too.

Enabling or disabling single post navigation.

Site Footer

This theme is completely white-labeled. You can remove link to my website and add any text or HTML in the footer of your site.

Change text in the site footer.

If you think that Eisai Pro needs more options, then leave a comment and share your thoughts about the settings you want to have.


Here everything is the same as in the Eisai theme. Eisai Pro theme has same menu locations:

  • Primary Navigation
  • Navbar Navigation
  • Social Links Menu

Primary Navigation

Primary Navigation is shown when you click on the menu icon in the header of the website. It supports multi-level menus:

Eisai theme Primary Navigation.

Navbar Navigation

Navbar Navigation also supports dropdown multi-level menus and it’s displayed as you can guess in the navbar of the website.

Navbar Navigation.

Social Links Menu

Icons to social networks will be rendered automatically for the menu attached to Social Links Menu location.

Eisai WordPress theme social links menu
Social Links Menu renders icons to social networks automatically.

Widget Areas

Eisai Pro has same four widget areas as Eisai theme does: Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3 and Footer 4. Each widget section represent one of four columns in the website footer.

Eisai WordPress theme widget areas


Eisai Pro theme gives you ability to create beautiful websites, all purpose blogs, dynamic landing pages with endless layouts using the group, column and other Gutenberg blocks. This theme is also great for fashion, photography and design related websites & portfolios.

See online demo here https://webminimalism.com/wordpress-themes/eisai-pro/.

And of course fell free to ask any questions and propose new options and functionality in the comments section.

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